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Popular Tiara Styles
Popular Crown Styles

Rhinestone Tiaras and Crowns - Choosing the Right Headpieces

Making a decision on a headpiece to wear can be confusing. Especially when retailers are calling them by different names. Here you will find introductions to the options we carry for your special occasions. Browse our selections and find extravagant to simple yet elegant solutions.


Whenever you want to feel like a princess, reach for a rhinestone tiara . Also known as diadems, they have been around for centuries, and have recently resurfaced as popular hair jewelry. Tiaras only partially encircle the head, and can come with or without side combs.
The tiara signifies magic, glamour, wealth, and sophistication. They are versatile as a headpiece, because they are not as extravagant as a crystal crown or as subtle as a headband. You can wear one of our lovely tiaras with a veil on your wedding day, to your prom, with your dress up costume or just because you feel like it. The ends of the tiara give you the secure fit that you need, either by mean of combs or holes for bobby pins.


Crowns are the perfect addition to your king or queen costume, beauty pageants, proms and theater productions. They are flamboyant and regal. Crowns are enclosed around the head whereas tiaras wrap around to about the ear, and usually they are much larger than a tiara.
We carry adjustable crystal and rhinestone queen crowns to fit your head size, form fitting crowns to have a stable fit, or if you have a fuller hairstyle, we also have many traditional flat bottom crowns.

Hair Combs

Our rhinestone Hair Combs have a smaller frontal than tiaras. Easy to wear atop the head, staying in place with a small centered comb, these dazzling pieces range anywhere from 3.5" to 5" across with a height of 1.5" to 2". Perfect for bridal events and cake toppers.


Headbands are thought to have evolved from a combination of hair ornaments and headpieces. Our styles are mostly in simple elegant form. They can be worn for an evening event, to the Prom, a Wedding with veil or a Hollywood Gala. Many people own multiple headbands to match the dress or wearing them at the same time.

Bun Covers

Most popular usage for Hair Bun Covers are dancers or for someone who likes to add flair to their hair bun. Hold your hair in place while adding sparkle with these magnificent pieces. Diameter of these elegant pieces is usually around 5".

Headpieces like the King Crown, and Queen Crown, or the Princess Tiara have been the most well known pieces of crown jewels for royalties and celebrities all over the world. They deliver sophistication and glamour. These headpieces are meant to give an unmatched sense of status in any event. Choosing a headpiece to compliment your personality and special occasion is where it all begins. Browse our categories now.